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Firewalls and Network Security

Why are Firewalls Important?

A firewall is a network security device which constantly monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic. A firewall will permit data to enter your network or block data from entering your network based on the firewall security rules.

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Defense in Depth Strategy

What is Defense in Depth Strategy?

A defense in depth strategy can be referred to as DiD and it is an effective data security approach to protect your data and information. Defense in depth specifically uses multiple different layers of security throughout the technology system or device.

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What is Managed IT Service

What is IT?

You hear a lot about IT services and how important they are but what does IT mean? And what encompasses IT service?

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Knowing when to upgrade your technology

Knowing When to Upgrade Your Business Technology

Faster systems, cloud computing, and the latest industry software can increase your day-to-day operations as well as increase your company’s overall bottom line. Making the transition to new technology is an important step in evolving a business, but how do you know when it is time to make that transition?

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