3 Ways IT Services Keep Your Small Business Compliant

At KinTechnology we know the role of an IT Management company is not just to service your technology, but to also keep your business compliant. Many industries face strict government regulated guidelines they must follow in order to avoid costly fines. Many of these compliance regulations involve how you handle your systems and data. Implementing the proper IT solutions improves your businesses’ technology, and ensures your business maintains compliance up to the industry standards.

Here are 3 examples of how IT services can improve your company’s compliance needs:

1. IT Protects Valuable Information.

Whether it is personal information about your clients, or credit card numbers on file, your data needs the proper security. Properly configured security systems can help protect your data, and keeps your business compliant, thus avoiding fines. PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is a set of rules adopted by the major credit card companies. They can issue significant fines if credit card data is not secured correctly. These companies can also prevent you from accepting credit cards as payment. Data security solutions are designed to ensure security compliance for your private information. These systems and methods can help protect your data against cyber threats that look to steal valuable information.

2. IT Improves Employee Communication.

Keeping your business compliant also means keeping your employees up to the proper standards. Unified communications services offer employee communication through email, video conferencing, and team messaging. By unifying your communication across all channels, you can consolidate where information is being distributed and keep it organized. Improved communication for your employees can also help to inform your team on how to stay compliant as they complete their daily tasks.

3. IT Keeps Your Systems Compliant.

Maintaining compliance across your systems is more than just implementing data security solutions. The hardware and software your business operates with can be tailored to fit the standards of your industry. Getting the correct payment and invoice software for example, not only will help keep your business operating smoothly, but it can also ensure you are following the proper steps when handling payment information. Getting your company compliant and maintaining those regulations and guidelines can be a full-time job, KinTech’s security solutions are there so you can focus on the big picture of running your company.

KinTechnology builds relationships through technology by understanding your compliance needs as a business owner and providing the solutions required. Improved data security, unified communications, and industry-specific software solutions are just some of the ways we partner with small businesses to ensure they stay compliant.