4 Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Your Small Business

Cyber attacks are a serious threat no matter the business or industry. One common pitfall some small business owners fall into, is thinking they are too small to be targeted. However, hackers and fraudsters target businesses of any size with dangerous viruses and malware. These attacks can set your business back both in time and money. Investing in cyber security services is one important step in securing your business against these attacks. Here are other measures you can take as a business owner to help prevent cyber attacks.

Here are 4 simple ways to help prevent cyber attacks on your business:

1. Train your employees.

With the potential severity of modern cyber attacks, you want your team educated and on the lookout. Many cyber attacks can take the form of harmless looking emails or pop-up ads, so informing your team on the dangers of cyber attacks will keep them alert. Establishing a response policy for unsolicited or suspicious emails is a way to ensure all your employees know how to handle a possible cyber threat.

2. Change your passwords regularly.

This one seems simple, but it is still a valuable way of protecting your network against cyber attacks. Changing and updating the passwords on your systems is recommended for keeping your business secure. Having multiple, complex passwords is another tactic to improve security. A great way to improve password security is by utilizing a password manager service. These services allow you to safely store your passwords in one place that is accessible all over the world, rather than using a sticky note under your keyboard.

3. Secure your physical systems.

A common misconception among cyber threats is that they only occur over the Internet. However, hackers can manipulate and damage your physical hardware by breaking into your business location after hours. By simply logging off and shutting down your computers at the end of the day, you are preventing criminals from having easy access into your systems. Storing and securing important technology such as servers and routers will also decrease the risk of serious harm to your network in the event of a break-in.

4. Stay informed on latest cyber scams.

Just as technology evolves, so do the cyber threats. Some email scams in the past were pretty easy to detect and most people knew not to fall for them, but a criminal’s full-time job is trying to get your information or ransom your data. New ways to infiltrate into your network are being devised all the time. If you know what to look for, you can better inform your team and protect your business. Staying up to date on the newest cyber attacks can help you plan for and better prevent these situations, so you do not have to experience them.

With these 4 preventive measures and safety precautions you can better protect your business from cyber attacks. When you are a KinTech client, we take your network security seriously. We implement business-grade firewalls, 24/7 network monitoring, and we educate our clients on how it all works so you understand proper cyber security protocol. Our job is to make your network more secure, so you have less to worry about.