4 Ways to Stay Connected While Working Remotely

Recently, more businesses have had to adapt to working remotely from home. This situation can be a challenge when your team relies on communication to get the job done effectively. You can no longer ask questions or collaborate on projects in the way you could within a shared workspace. The productivity and quality of your work may take a hit. Working remotely can also take a toll on you and your team’s spirits as you transition into a new way of doing business.

Staying connected with your team while working remotely is important not only to maintain effective communication on work topics, but also to maintain a positive work environment for your team.

With that in mind, we have developed a list of 4 easy ways you can stay connected while working remotely:

1. Collaborate in real-time.

Working side-by-side on projects is something we miss when we work remotely. Having a different perspective and insight on a project can help its development, and team members can benefit from working as part of a group. By utilizing unified communications such as team messaging, video chat, and screen sharing, your team can collaborate in real-time. It is better than waiting for the response time of an email.

2. Start a group chat.

Communication with your team does not always have to be about the work. When working in-person, natural conversations about our personal life, hobbies, and the news are bound to occur. When working remotely, some businesses lose that human element to everyday work life. Starting a non-work-related group chat over messaging is a great way to insert the fun back into work. It can also get your team involved in conversation.

3. Keep video conferencing professional.

Working remotely from home is certainly a culture shift. For some, working from home can be a pleasant experience. For others it can be a major distraction to productivity. While video conferences are not the same as in-person team meetings, maintaining a professional standard in your meetings helps establish the work culture you had set in place prior to working remotely. Setting clear agendas and company dress codes are just some of the ways you can keep your video conferences professional and productive.

4. Make phone calls to your team.

Team messaging and emailing are just not the same as speaking directly with your team. There is always a risk of a misunderstanding over text, and the response time with emailing can be a hinderance to your productivity. Making phone calls to team members is an easy way to get a single idea across in a clear manner. Hearing another person’s voice is great for encouraging and staying in touch with your team.

These are some of the ways you can improve your team’s communication and collaboration as you work remotely. With KinTechnology’s unified communications solutions, we can provide the tools you need for effective communication across all channels.