6 Tips for Choosing an IT Support Provider for Your Business in Oregon

Choosing an IT support service provider seems simple until you start doing the research. You begin to compare all the services management companies offer, see that each company is “the best,” and (maybe) stumble into the realization you may not know what support you need. In Oregon, the options for IT support providers are endless. Before going out on a whim and choosing the first IT genius you see, here are a few tips to keep in mind when doing the research.

  1. The more local, the better! A large benefit to finding tech support services suitable to your industry’s needs is by staying local. Although the majority of companies offer remote IT support, the more local they are the better chance you have at speaking with a person in the same time zone, receiving quick onsite support, and having issues that can’t be solved over the phone, well, solved!
  2. Experience in both industries. Experience both as an IT managed service provider and within your industry’s software is a huge benefit when picking the right team. Since technology varies by industry and preferences, having an IT expert who is well rounded in the software you use can save a lot of time and data!
  3. Versatile software. In addition to knowing all the ins and outs of a specific software your business uses, an IT expert who has experience with a variety of software is an immediate and long-term benefit. For example, if you are debating switching software or transferring to another platform, they will be able to provide valuable suggestions in the case of moving. The transition will be just as easy!
  4. How big is the company? Not all IT support services are built to handle companies with a thousand of employees and offices around the world, and that is okay. Take the time to ask your prospects how big or small of a company they can handle. If you are a large company with global offices, there are IT services providers built for your needs as well.
  5. Proactive monitoring.  We all know data breaches or malfunctions strike at the most inconvenient times which means support shouldn’t stop at any point. 24/7 network monitoring ensures your business’s data won’t be tampered with at any point. It could be the difference between losing all your private information and saving it. Seek out the IT support companies who proactively monitor your network 24/7. It Is incredibly valuable.
  6. Relationship, not partnership. The best IT support companies build solutions suited to your specific needs, not a one size fits all package as their only offer. Your provider should be willing to put in the time and energy to understand your needs so they can implement practices well fit for you.

When choosing an IT support provider in Oregon, find the team who is best suited for you not just the ones who claim to be “the best!” The more information you can gather from experiences to contracts, the better hands you will fall into.