The Importance of Backing Up Your Business Data

The security of your business’s data is important to the livelihood of your company, employees, and even customers. The loss or unauthorized access to your data, essentially the heart of your business, can create a myriad of issues. As businesses in the Portland area and heavily populated cities develop in tech, so do the chances of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses take their “security” for granted until they lose access to private information. As a business owner, backing up your data consistently can help prevent the loss of privacy, money, and safety. Hiring a managed IT service provider and learning the best strategy for backing up your business’s data can ensure a smooth operation.

The Practicalities of Backing up Your Businesses Data

There are many personal pieces stored within a business’s data. Employees’ social security numbers, private business information, credit card credentials, and so on. Considering these are a few of the many factors at stake in the chance of a cyber-attack or data breach, securing your data is vital. Here are some of the practical reasons why backing up your business’s data is important.

1. Time

One of the bigger “annoyances” of a failed data backup or breach is the time lost. Spending twice the time re-entering information or repeating a full workday to make up for the now lost information is something no one wants to do. Avoid wasted time and invest in IT support services to backup data correctly so your employees don’t have to repeat a workday.

2. Financial

Financial security is crucial for any business. Keeping track of your business records is typically stored online, and in the case of a breach, your financial records can be stolen and exposed. Tech support services near you will be able to prevent the loss of financial information.

3. Disaster

Depending on what climate your business is in, disaster recovery backups such as cloud-based security can save your business. If an earthquake or lightning storm strikes your business, and your system is not backed up, permanent damage can be done to your data.  While you can’t predict a disaster, you can ensure your business has the right strategy in place to restore critical data.

Data loss is unfortunate for any type of business. At KinTechnology, we employ a defense-in-depth strategy for Portland businesses both onsite and cloud-based to secure the privacy of your company. Without a plan for data security, you are putting the future of your business in the hands of fate. Staying proactive and keeping preventive measures in place to secure your business is the best strategy out there. We have backups to cover day-to-day work, financial closings, disaster loss, and more.  Working with a managed IT service provider in Portland offers the advantage of keeping your business on track even in the event of a virtual or physical disaster.