What is Defense in Depth Strategy?

What is Defense in Depth Strategy and How Does it Work?

A defense in depth strategy can be referred to as DiD and it is an effective data security approach to protect your data and information. Defense in depth specifically uses multiple different layers of security throughout the technology system or device. This approach to cybersecurity ensures if one mechanism or control fails to protect your data, another one steps up right away to ensure your information is safe. KinTechnology utilizes the defense in depth strategy to protect your business’s information and documents. This strategy is effective for ensuring multiple different mechanisms and controls are encrypted in your system, so you have several layers of IT defense. You can think of a defense in depth strategy like a large castle. Your data and information are in the heart of the castle and protected and safe by multiple layers of defense. Before an enemy can overrun your castle, they must get through the outer wall surrounding the castle and town. Next, the enemy has to try and get through the moat and snapping alligators. The turrets and towers are the next hurdles for an enemy to overcome before they can reach the heart of your castle and so forth. A castle has many different layers all working together to provide security and defense in depth IT data security utilizes this same approach.

Why is Defense in Depth Important?

Defense in depth is important for information security because it is an effective way to ensure you are protecting your systems. With multiple layers, you do not have all your security eggs in one basket, and when one defense fails another will step up to ensure your information is protected. Data breaches can cause irreversible damage to your system, your business credibility with your customers, and potentially your financial situation. No business can ever be fully and efficiently protected by one layer of protection. Defense in-depth security can consist of malware scanners, firewalls, data encryption, and more. No two defense in depth strategies are the same. Different types of security layers could be implemented to achieve your security goals and fi your business type.

The Key Elements of Defense in Depth.

The architecture of an efficient defense in depth strategy to protect your business’s data and information consist of different approaches so if a backdoor is left open for a cybercriminal, all the other windows are locked, and they cannot access your data.

Physical Controls:

Physical controls are security measures which prevent physical real-world assess to your systems, services, and important IT data. These are locking the office at night or security cameras to prevent laptops and computers from being physically stolen.

Technical Controls:

Technical controls protect your network through the usage of specialized software and hardware. This can consist of antivirus programs you may utilize and firewalls.

Administrative Controls:

Administrative controls are procedures and business policies which protect information and data by restricting access and permission for what employees can access what data. This ensures a higher level of maintained security. Only a few have the keys to the castle, so there is less potential for human error.

KinTechnology uses defense in depth strategies to better protect your business’s important information and data. Layered security measures are a great way to fortify your castle and protect your business. Give us a call today to talk about how we can help protect your business!