What is IT?

IT stands for Information Technology. Information Technology is the application of technology to find solutions to business technology problems. It is the implementation, support, management, and design of computer-based information systems, computer hardware, and software. A managed IT service manages data security, network monitoring, desktop support, and much more. 

The Three Pillars of an Information Technology Service Company:

Three primary categories encompass the tasks and responsibilities of an IT service company or department.

  1. IT governance is the combination of IT strategy and business strategy. It is used to control and monitor IT decisions that could affect a business in either good or bad ways. The IT governance process helps ensure IT investments from a managed IT service company supports a business’s objective.
  2. IT operations are the daily tasks of members of the IT service company, and the processes of the everyday tasks. IT operations include network, maintenance, tech support, security testing, device management responsibilities, and more. The daily task of maintaining the performance and reliability of IT services falls under the IT operations category.
  3. Hardware and infrastructure are all the physical components that make up the IT service infrastructure. This is the equipment used to provide data securitylifecycle managementmalware, and ransomware protectionVOIP, and other IT services. This equipment can typically consist of routers, computers, servers, and phone systems. The ideal IT service is one you can forget you have. IT can efficiently and effectively automate daily tasks so a business runs smoothly and without interruption from technology issues. 

Why is information technology service important?

Today most businesses rely on some form of technology for operation. To maintain the level of service needed for a business to be successful today, computers and networks are very important. Service, connectivity, and data security is a complicated area, and running it and can be very time-consuming. For most business owners, it’s not something they specialize in. Businesses produce massive amounts of data and this data requires a massive amount of storage, processing power, and software.

With lots of jobs being remote, roaming abilities and shared networks are needed to keep a business and its employees running smoothly. Cloud services and third-party hosting platforms help businesses store their data without having to invest in servers. With so much of our work and personal life orbiting around the technology in our lives, IT services are important for keeping things running smoothly and protecting confidential information. 

Hardware and Software

The combination of hardware and software are what make up a computer system. Hardware is the physical components which make up a computer system. This includes things such as the CPU, motherboard, central processing unit, hard drive, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Software refers to the set of instructions that allows the hardware to perform tasks. Software encompasses all the data, programs, and applications stored electronically. The software is installed in the hardware and the software and hardware work independently and unanimously to carry out desired tasks. A managed IT service company has both hardware and software knowledge which can be applied to technology problems.

IT stands for Information Technology, and IT service companies help businesses reach their objectives through the use and application of technology. A managed IT service can help by setting up a network that allows employees to work from home. It can also protecting the data and information a restaurant POS system collects. Any time your business uses technology, IT services can help!