Why Disk Encryption is Important For Your Business

Leaked sensitive data and information could be devastating to your business and your customer’s identity, financial security, and damage your business’s reliability and reputation.  Protecting your information from cyber-attacks and security breaches should be a top priority for peace of mind when it comes to storing sensitive data. Desktop computers and laptops computers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and laptops can pose a higher risk to data security because they can be moved to locations where the internet connection is not as secure as your business location or office. Disk encryption on laptops and computers can help prevent data breaches and properly secure your business’s network and systems.

Disk Encryption on laptops and computer’s hard drive helps keep unwanted visitors from viewing and stealing important data and information. Disk encryption is like locking your home, all your windows and door, and maybe even pet doors. By locking all the exterior entrances to your home, it helps ensure no unwanted visitors or thieves can get inside or steal your belongings. Disk encryption is like locking up the hard drive’s windows, doors, pet door, and anything in between, protecting the internal content of the drive so unwanted visitors or thieves cannot steal your business’s sensitive information and data.  Disk encryption provides an extra layer of security for your business, clients, and customers.

Disk encryption on computers and laptops is especially important for business types handling personal legal and health information of clients and patients. In 2015, Heartland Payment Systems suffered a large-scale data breach after an office break and several computers in the office were stolen. Several of these computers stored sensitive client data such as social security numbers and financial information. Disk encryption makes it more challenging for cyber-attackers to gain access to important data and information even if they have the physical computer in their possession. In 2017, Lifespan suffered a massive security breach when an employee’s work laptop was stolen in a car break-in. The sensitive information such as medical records, names, and social security information was stolen from around 200,000 Lifespans patients. These types of data breaches happen to businesses of varying sizes all the time and about 45% of data breaches of health care information happen on stolen laptops and computers. Disk encryption help ensures no matter who is holding your business laptop and has access to your computers, the computers disk hard drive has all its windows and door locked to unwanted visitors and thieves.  In the above instances, taking the proper measures to fully encrypt the hard drive could have helped prevent the mass loss of sensitive information which can wreak irrevocable havoc on businesses and their clients and customers. Just because the computer has a password, does not mean it is totally safe from cyber-attacks and hackers. Data encryption is an extra level of security to prevent data from being stolen and having data encryption on all your laptops and computer can help ensure your business has the proper defenses again data breaches.

Businesses sometimes overlook this simple and important data security step in their business security protocol is because of a fear hard drive encryption can slow down the speed of computers and laptops. As technology is constantly changing, encryption processes will no longer slow down the speed of your computer’s processors due to AES-NI is widely available on computer and laptop processors today. AES-NI stands for Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions, this is an instruction which improves the security and speed of applications on a computer and laptop performing encryption using AES. This provides safer and faster protection so anyone without the proper authorization to your hard drives cannot whisk away important information into the deep dark web.

When it comes to the important information of your business and our clients, it is always better safe than sorry. Disk encryption can help prevent your business from facing serious legal and financial troubles and help prevent your clients from having their information stolen and used for ill-will. The fewer loopholes in your data protection protocol the less opportunity for cyber-attackers to exploit. Disk encryption ensures data and information is safe even if the device is lost or stolen, eliminates the risk of human error and data leaks, complies with industry-specific standard regulations and penalties for not complying with these regulations, and saves you time and future headaches in the future.  At KinTechnology, we are passionate about helping you do the most to protect your business from data breaches and stolen information. Give us a call today to see how we can help you navigate the complicated world of cybersecurity, create a customized plan just for your business, and ensure your data is safe!