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Cloud Services

Change How Your Business Communicates and Operates

Cloud computing services have changed the way that businesses communicate and operate. Today, many businesses store or have moved their data and information to the cloud. The cloud is a term that refers to servers all over the world that can be accessed all over the internet. The cloud allows you to access any file and application from any device because it is stored on the cloud server instead of being stored on a computer’s hard drive or internal server.

By storing your information in the cloud, you would be able to access, edit, and view a spreadsheet on your work desktop, home laptop, and while on the go on your phone. Utilizing cloud services can improve data storage, security, reliability, and communication. Storing your business’s information and data on the cloud eliminates the need for having physical servers and running important software on your machines. A benefit of using the cloud and not having a physical server is you are able to spend less time managing and updating your server and more time on your business. The hardware and software required to efficiently maintain and update physical servers can be costly and time-consuming. By using the cloud, communication is improved both internally between employees and externally between clients and customers because you can access and share files with ease.

The cloud is much more cost-efficient than alternative server options, but the cloud still requires time to set up and manage. KinTechnology can help you transition from what you are currently using to the cloud, migrate your information to the cloud, and set you up so you can begin using the cloud.

At Kintechnology, we help with ensuring you can always access the information you need to run your business with ease. We help ensure information and login credentials are secure and help troubleshoot any issues which may arise so anyone authorized to assess your business’s cloud network can without frustrating and complicated issues. Employees can stay connected to their work regardless if they are in-office, out in the field, or remotely working from home. Your employees can assess important documents, data, and run important programs wherever they are. With the cloud and the cloud services KinTechnology offers, your business is no longer confined to a single location due to the need for a physical server. Cloud services allow you to scale your business and promote growth by eliminating the need for costly and inefficient physical servers for storing data and running programs.

Being able to access files and information anywhere with ease can help improve productivity and communication and all the data can be stored on the cloud rather than on your own personal computers and devices. This can free up space on our computer hard drives and improve computer speeds. KinTechnology can help manage your business’s cloud storage and data backups. We will help ensure you have access to the storage your business needs to operate and back up your data and files. We offer reliable data backup, disaster recovery, and implement the best data security solutions for your business. If you are worried about the migration process between the system you are currently using and cloud services, KinTechnology is highly skilled in ensuring everything you need is seamlessly transitioned to the cloud and you can easily access your data and information on the transition is complete. We will manage the transition so you have peace of mind and can focus on your business.

KinTechnology offers cloud services which can help you scale your business, become less reliant on hardware and physical servers, access data with ease wherever you are, and know your data and information are safe in the event of data loss.

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