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How to Secure Your Company's Data

Your company’s data is valuable. Any loss or unauthorized access of your data can have a massive impact on your business. KinTechnology cares about the security of your company’s information, which is why we employ a defense-in-depth strategy of both onsite and cloud-based solutions to protect your data. Our specialized data security software allows us to monitor activity within your business so we can assist with quickly identifying unauthorized changes and potential security breaches. We can also assist with data encryption to further secure your privacy.

Many businesses require all employees to have access to the company’s data at some level, so it is important to implement preventive measures for the security and integrity of your data. With KinTech, we protect our client’s sensitive data by assisting with the setup and configuration of data access levels. With data classification, you are able to closely monitor your most important information and supervise who has permission to access it.

Unfortunately, data security breaches can be a common occurrence. Businesses of every size and scope are targeted by cyber attacks attempting to gain access to your data. While data security is a preventive measure, having secure backups protects your business in the result of a security breach or catastrophe. KinTech’s data backup and disaster recovery services restore lost or corrupted files, which reduces your network’s downtime and allows you to resume business operations quicker.

Our data security services are not simply for ensuring the safety of your data, but also your data’s compliance with your industry’s standards. KinTechnology offers solutions for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, which protects data such as credit card numbers from being compromised. We follow the necessary PCI DSS guidelines for securing payment card data and client information by monitoring all access to networks with sensitive data.

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