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No matter the industry or the size, technical issues occurring on your systems can negatively impact your business processes, worker productivity, and morale. KinTechnology’s managed IT services allow you to get the desktop support you need in a timely manner. We understand how important it is for you to maintain a smooth workflow, and that is why our knowledgeable IT specialists prioritize fast and comprehensive desktop support on both PC and Mac systems.

Experiencing issues with your system is a problem you want resolved right away. Our remote IT support utilizes QuickSupport which gives us remote access to your network. With this flexibility, we can remotely resolve issues on any specific desktop or server, as well as update the system’s software, all with a rapid response time. Remote IT support gives you the ability to receive help right away, which saves you the travel cost of an on-site visit.

Whether you encounter an issue you just cannot fix, or your system needs an upgrade, KinTech provides desktop support so your business can operate smoothly and securely. An essential part of maintaining your systems productivity is keeping the applications and device drivers fully updated. A feature of our desktop support services includes proactive measures to improve efficiency while maintaining the latest security patches. We help to ensure all your systems’ drivers and software are patched and updated.

When a system is not operating at full efficiency, it is often because of what is stored on the system. Document clutter, unused files, and unnecessary programs all take up valuable disk space and can impede your system’s optimal speed and performance. To make sure you are getting the best out of your technology, we implement our optimization software which runs performance checks in the background to clean up your system. Our automated diagnostic tools identify threats and assist with predicting hardware failure.

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