Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you provide tech support for?

We work for all types of companies, such as law firms, non-profits, government agencies, and local businesses. Whatever your size or industry, you can count on KinTechnology to protect your data systems.

Do you offer personal IT services and computer repairs?

KinTechnology only works for businesses and does not offer individual support. Our goal is to propel businesses forward in the area, so if searching for a personal IT specialist, you would need to look elsewhere.

What are your tech support hours?

In order to properly protect our clients in their time of need, we offer 24/7 customer support so that we can jump into action in the case of an emergency or data breach.

What are some of the services that IT provides?

KinTechnology is here to make your company’s network run smoothly, so we provide Microsoft Office 365 support, cloud services, desktop optimization, network managing, malware and ransomware protection, and lifecycle management. When you run into issues with data breaches, internet speed, or difficulty accessing documents, our IT specialists will be available to guide you through it.

What is IT support?

The purpose of IT support is to be able to call up an expert for advice when encountering problems with technology in the workplace. Our IT workers are available 24/7, so that you can rest assured knowing that you’ll never have to tackle technology problems alone. Contact KinTechnology and relax knowing that your systems data is in good hands.

What does IT mean?

IT stands for Information Technology. 

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