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Improve the Safety of Your Network

Financial institutions of today are becoming more reliant on technology, whether it is the systems they use day-to-day or the network their valuable data is stored on. Your customers depend on your services to be responsive, convenient, and most of all, secure. With KinTech, we will help maintain and monitor your systems, preventing you from experiencing downtime that would otherwise affect your reputation and your bottom line.

Some banks still operate with outdated technology despite a high expectation placed on the reliability of their IT infrastructure. Your business is responsible for handling customer’s most sensitive information, and your IT needs to maintain regulatory compliance as well as provide top level security on your data. We are able to manage your data network all while improving its security with our data security solutions. This ensures you are meeting PCI DSS compliance and are protected in the event of a cyber attack targeting your data.

The networks of financial institutions are targeted with harmful spam emails that are a major security threat to your data. From names and addresses to credit card numbers, the information of your clients is at potential risk to hackers and fraudsters. This is why we employ malware and ransomware protection solutions along with business-grade firewall in order to prevent these cyber attacks from entering your network.

If there is ever a breach, we will know about it. We implement 24/7 network monitoring so we can rapidly respond to any issue or occurrence on your network. It also allows us to fully monitor your network’s performance, so we can make the necessary improvements to get your business operations running at full efficiency.

With so much to stay on top of as a business owner, you need a managed IT solutions partnership you can trust. KinTechnology’s focus is the success of your company, so we provide the IT services specific to your needs in the financial industry.

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