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Protect Your Agency and Stay Compliant

As a government agency, the work you perform is held to a high level of scrutiny both by the public and by government compliance standards. With many offices transitioning their work to digital, the importance of reliable IT has increased. You are expected to provide fast and dependable services to the public while maintaining top notch security on your network, all on a strict budget. We at KinTechnology offer managed IT services specific to your needs, and we work within your budget to maximize your IT.

Just like privately owned businesses, government agencies are targeted by hackers and fraudsters attempting to breach your network and access your data. In order to help prevent these cyber attacks from causing harm, your network needs the best protection. As part of our managed IT services, we provide data and network security 24/7 in the event of a cyber attack. If a breach does occur, we are able to assist in the recovery of lost or corrupt data. Our malware and ransomware protection solutions ensure your email is also secure, as it is a common avenue for hackers to infiltrate your network.

Many government buildings are working within a tight budget, and it is not often dedicated to upgrading your IT network. With our lifecycle management services, we take full ownership over your systems. We manage the patches and upgrades to your systems, ensuring they are running at full optimization, as well as provide purchasing recommendations when it is time to upgrade. Our purchasing power allows us to work within your price range and improve the areas of your IT network that need them the most.

With such a high standard to uphold as a government agency, managing your IT should not be something you worry about. A partnership with KinTechnology means you are getting the managed IT services that fit in line with the work you do.

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