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Tech Support for Businesses Big and Small.

KinTechnology builds relationships that matter with businesses spanning across multiple industries. If you are a business that has compliance standards to meet, we are the solution. If your business needs protection from cyber threats to your data, we are the solution. KinTech understands that every industry is different, and the size of your company influences what IT services you require. KinTechnology provides the IT support to fit the specific needs of your business. We manage your technology so you can manage your business.

Industries Manufacturing


If your business is in the manufacturing industry, you understand the importance of having all your systems up and running, all the time, to increase production. Our IT Professional desktop support provides real-time solutions for the problems you face with your technology 24/7, along with preventative maintenance so your business can be proactive rather than reactive.

Tech Support for Financial Offices


Your industry is especially vulnerable to cyber attacks which threaten to steal or corrupt your company’s important data. Keeping your systems, hardware, and network protected from malware can save you from critical data loss. KinTechnology helps protect your business in the event of a cyber threat with our malware and ransomware protection solutions, along with in-depth firewall and filtration systems. Protecting and securing your data is our priority.

Industries Legal


The safety of your client’s information within your network is a primary concern for businesses in the legal industry. With KinTechnology’s security systems in place, you can rest easier at night knowing your data is better protected. Our network monitoring solutions can ensure all systems on your network are functioning securely and compliant to state and federal standards.

Tech Support for Small Business

Small Business

We know that when running a small business, you do not have time for network and/or system downtime. We are here to be the additional component to your business so that it is one less worry on your plate. With everything from desktop support to lifecycle management, KinTech manages your technical needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

Tech Support for Government


Government networks are the largest targets of cyber attacks in the world today. Maintaining the proper security systems while keeping in compliance is crucial for all government agencies. KinTechnology has the experience of working with multiple government agencies, so we have the data security services that will help keep your network compliant and your sensitive information secure.

Tech Support for Non-Profits


Running a non-profit does not have to mean you need to sacrifice high quality hardware, software, and IT Services. KinTechnology believes in giving back and thus we offer full services at discounted rates to all non-profits. We want to help you help others.

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