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Unfortunately, no business, or even government agency, is safe from serious cyber attacks. Criminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate networks with disguised malware and ransomware, and a security breach can result in your entire network being compromised. This can lead to the loss of private information or even your data being encrypted and held for ransom via ransomware. Having the latest and best malware detection software to prevent such devastating events from taking place is an essential part of running a business today.

KinTechnology’s powerful anti-malware and anti-ransomware software protects your network from the threat of cyber attacks. Restoring your systems back to normal after a security breach takes time, so having reliable protective measures in place such as threat-detection software and current backups will reduce your business’s downtime in the event of an attack. Our multi-vector protection software and threat monitoring services provide automatic updates and alerts of possible suspicious activity, so we can easily identify and eliminate malicious threats from your network.

If your business is seeking to improve its security and efficiency, KinTech offers anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to increase your productivity by filtering unwanted and unsolicited emails from your inbox. Criminals commonly use phishing emails as a tactic to deceptively gain access to sensitive information. Our anti-spam software helps to prevent harmful emails from reaching your inbox and cluttering your system which would otherwise slow down productivity. KinTech’s email filter also allows you to send encrypted email rather than by the default plain text format.

Not all firewalls are made equal, and a vast majority of residential-grade firewall software applications are unable to handle the security demands of a business network. They can also cause many complications and slow down common functionality for day-to-day use. KinTechnology utilizes a powerful, business-grade firewall device to guard your company’s network from malicious intrusion. Firewalls can also be implemented to prevent users on your network from visiting unwanted websites, adding security, and enhancing the overall productivity of your business.

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