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As technology becomes more and more important for the success of businesses in Gladstone, Oregon so does the need for a managed IT service provider you can trust to manage and monitor your network and systems. KinTechnology specializes in small to medium-sized businesses in various industries. We believe in providing your business with a managed IT support and service plan which will benefit your business and your business goals. As a managed IT service provider, we offer free, no-pressure consultations so we can get to know more about your business and create a plan which caters to your business IT needs. We want to provide you with the services you need instead of a one-size-fits-all package.

If staying connected to your employees and customers is important to the success of your business, KinTechnoloy offers VoIP phone services. Voice Over IP (VoIP) allows for real-time collaboration between your employees and customers across your network. This service allows for flexible and reliable communication and our best-in-class VoIP solutions are often more cost-efficient, secure, and reliable than traditional phone services. As your business’s managed IT service provider, KinTechnology can keep you connected by integrating messaging, phone service, and video communications into one seamless system.

Technology is ever-changing, and partnering with a managed IT service provider ensures someone is monitoring and optimizing your network 24/7. At KinTechnology, we make sure all your systems are always up to date with the newest system updates, protected against cyberattacks with top-of-line data security, and ensuring you are getting the most out of the systems your business in Gladstone, Oregon is using.

KinTechnology manages your IT support and IT services so you can focus on managing your business. As a business owner, you wear many different hats and have to play many different roles to keep your business gowning. As your business’s managed IT service provider, we work hard to take your business’s technology and security off your already full plate. Contact us today to see how we can help your Gladstone, Oregon business!

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