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As your local Managed IT Service Provider in Hillsboro, Oregon, KinTechnology is here to help your business with all your IT support and service needs. Our goal is to ensure you have the highest quality IT support for your business 24/7. If an emergency arises, we are here to provide solutions and answers with our years of experience being Hillsboro, Oregon’s Managed IT Service Provider.

KinTechnology can help keep your business running smoothly with desktop support and optimization. We work hard to keep your system up-to-date with the newest upgrades, provide support if any issues arise, and optimize your system so it is working efficiency. KinTechnology is your cloud computing service expert for your business in Hillsboro, Oregon. Cloud services can change the way your business communicates both internally and externally. We help you manage your cloud system, so you are getting the most out of your cloud system and storage. We help your business stay connected and can help with any issues you may be experiencing, such as issues connecting to storage or communicating with remote employees. As your trusted Managed IT Service Provider, KinTechnology can even help you migrate your information to the cloud.

Cyberattacks happen, on average, once every 39 seconds in the U.S. Local businesses are the preferred targets for cybercriminals. KinTechnology is here to provide professional data security and keep your confidential information out of the hands of cybercriminals. We employ powerful anti-malware and ransomware software to protect your network and prevent detrimental data breaches which can compromise your entire system. We work 24/7 through network monitoring to identify and eliminate malevolent threats to your data security easily and quickly. When your business’s network is performing well, so is your business in Hillsboro, Oregon. KinTechnology will monitor your system for threats and ensure your servers, computer systems, and routers are working efficiently around the clock. We provide you with status updates to help ensure the health of your system.

KinTechnology is here for all your managed IT support needs as your Managed IT Service Provider. We take pride in providing excellent professional service for your business in Hillsboro, Oregon. We offer free, no-pressure consultations to see how we can best serve your business, because we believe in building relationships through technology which works. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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