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Many business owners are transitioning their software from Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 365 because of the many benefits Microsoft Office 365 can offer your business. Some businesses may not be using Microsoft Office at all and could be looking to learn more about Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 and what makes them different.

Microsoft Office is sold as a one-time purchase of Office apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The limitations of Microsoft Office are the software is not updating to the latest version and to get those improved versions, you would have to purchase the next version of Microsoft Office. The pros with this may be a one-time, up-front payment, but you may need to pay again if newer features are available that you want. Office 365 is a subscription that allows businesses to choose from many different available programs from Microsoft and automatically updates to the newest version. In addition, you have the option to set up auto back up online and keep your data in the “cloud” as well as your physical computer or office computer drives or office server. If you are looking to transition your business from your previous software to Microsoft Office 365, KinTechnology is here to help.

Kintechnology has partnered with Microsoft Office 365 services. This gives us the ability to help manage your business’s Microsoft Office 365 services in a way many other companies do not offer. If you currently have Microsoft Office, KinTechnology will aid you in the transition between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365. If you are new to Microsoft, we can set up all your computers to ensure the software you need will be available for all users.

With Microsoft Office 365, you pay a small monthly charge per user, which allows users to have the ability to use any of the Microsoft Office 365 programs. With this, the licensing is managed by computer/person and can change when you have a change in business personnel. At KinTechnology, we understand one size does not fit all. We offer Microsoft Office 365 consulting services to provide customized Office 365 plans for your business and convert challenges into solutions. Office 365 offers programs you may already know such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook email, and other lesser-known programs that are just as powerful and beneficial to your business, such as Microsoft Teams, Publisher, Access, and Share Point. Kintechnology can manage the Office 365 licensing process and help provide your business with fast, efficient, and personalized service.

One of the biggest perks of transitioning your business from the programs you are currently using to Office 365 is the ability to access information from anywhere at any time and across multiple different devices. This key feature improves connectivity, communication, performance, and efficiency throughout your business. It also allows everyone on the team to be using the same version of the software and is far easier to troubleshoot if any problems arise. Office 365 offers Outlook email which includes the email software most of us know, a task manager, a calendar, contact, and address book. As a business owner, you may be wondering what happens to past emails if you are currently using a different email provider and would like to make the switch to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email? KinTechnology will help transition your business from your previous email provider to Outlook without losing any of your previous emails and complete email history, including sends, folders, etc. Depending on what you currently use, the transition process may be a bit different, but it is certainly doable! We know you may fear losing data and access to important emails during this transition and KinTechnology ensures these past emails and files will not be lost doing this transition and access to important information will be available shortly after the transition! Outlook email offers the ability to add and remove emails as employees come and go with ease, unlike alternative email clients. In addition, when an employee does leave, the ability to have this person’s emails redirected to another email box is done with ease. As a part of KinTechnology’s ongoing Office 365 service management, we are here to help you with the addition and removal of emails and users, data backup, and storage so you can focus on your business, as well as helping with the proper licensing through Microsoft.

If you are thinking about or planning to transition to Office 365, Kintechnology is here to aid you in determining what Office 365 services will best fit your business’s needs, ensure the safety of your data and information with excellent data security and backups, manage software updates, and troubleshoot and find solutions to challenges. We are here to manage the Office 365 services so you can manage your business.

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