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Avoid Downtime and Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly

When your network is performing well, so is your business. When you experience downtime, you need IT services that get your network back up and running. Our enterprise-grade network monitoring software allows us to have full visibility of your network’s performance, as well as provide you with status updates 24/7. This presents us with a clear picture of your network’s health, how it is performing, and any potential security risks. We manage your technology in order to meet your business needs.

We make sure your computer systems, servers, switches, and routers are operating at full efficiency by monitoring your network’s traffic and data flow. Our software can pinpoint indicators where a network failure or cyber security threat could occur, so we can respond to the issue. Network downtime can bring your company’s productivity to a grinding halt, so it is important to identify issues before they have a chance to affect your business’s workflow. The faster we detect a performance issue, the faster our IT support technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.

In addition to our 24/7 network monitoring, KinTechnology provides you with network-wide documentation on your hardware, software, servers, and previous trouble tickets. Network documentation data is used to better understand your network and how it operates. By keeping records of past bugs and issues that occurred on your network, our IT support technicians are able to knowledgeably troubleshoot your network, evaluate, and respond to the issue quicker.

Hardware and software network documentation is an important tool in keeping your business organized and your systems compliant. Our documentation process can assist with keeping track of individual hardware, serial numbers, network topography, and more. KinTech can also assist with documenting the software across all computers as well as taking inventory of your applications and their proof of licensing. This helps keep your business organized and compliant across all systems.

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