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Many non-profit organizations of today are persisting with outdated technology due to tight and unpredictable budgets, despite many businesses’ great reliance on their technology in order to succeed. Even the smallest of non-profits can benefit from improved IT, whether it is added security on the data of your organization or real-time onsite and remote desktop support for your systems. Here at KinTechnology we believe in giving back to those who serve the community. We offer full managed IT services at discounted rates to all non-profit organizations.

As a non-profit, you want to maximize your company’s budget. It is often the case that upgrading your IT systems is overlooked as a result, but as IT problems continue, you end up feeling the effects long-term. When you are always having to fix minor problems with outdated systems, it causes frustration throughout your staff and slows down business operations. With our managed IT services, we will have your current systems operating at full efficiency. And when it is time to upgrade, we use our purchasing power to recommend smart purchases that fit within your budget and company goals.

The unfortunate reality of today’s world is that businesses of every size and industry are targeted by cyber attacks. Some small businesses do not properly invest in the necessary network security because they think they are safe. However, this is not often the case. We want to protect businesses by implementing data security solutions as well as ransomware and malware protection, so your network is safe from cyber threats looking to steal or corrupt your data. Because these attacks can happen at any moment, we provide 24/7 network monitoring solutions so we can help identify any unusual occurrence within your network.

KinTech’s goal is to build a relationship with the organizations we work with, and to provide managed IT solutions to suit their needs. From getting the best out of your systems to protecting your data from outside threats, our services cover the full range of managed IT your non-profit organization needs.

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