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Cloud Services

Store Your Data in the Cloud

If you have found yourself searching “what is the cloud?” or “cloud solutions for my Portland business” then you can put the search aside and learn about the cloud support services in Portland that KinTechnology can offer you! Today, many business owners in Portland are making the transition and transaction of moving personal data to “the cloud.” Owners are finding it easier to rely on a condensed, safe space where they can store irreplaceable information. With the help of our managed IT support experts here in Portland, the switch is easier than ever.  

How does cloud computing work? And how can hiring an IT provider make cloud computing easier? At KinTechnology we help store your business’s data and information in the cloud, eliminating the need for physical services and the fear of both physical & technological data breaches. We offer reliable data backup, disaster recovery, and implement the best data security solutions unique to your business. As experts in IT services for Portland businesses, we understand the intimidation of cloud computing and finding a managed IT service provider you can trust. With 24/7 network monitoring and customized relationship, we take pride in helping each client with easy cloud computing.

Utilizing cloud services can improve data storage space, security, communication, and access. If you are worried about the migration process between the system you are currently using and cloud services, KinTechnology is highly skilled in ensuring everything you need is seamlessly transitioned to the cloud, and you can easily access your data and information on the transition is complete. We will manage the transition so you have peace of mind and can focus on your business. Become less reliant on hardware and physical servers, access data with ease wherever you are and know your data and information are safe in the event of data loss with KinTechnology’s cloud services in Portland. Contact us today! 

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