Malware and Ransomware Protection in Portland, Oregon

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Malware and ransomware are two cyber security terms that fall under the category of cybercriminal attacks. Unfortunately, any business in Portland is susceptible to these two threat without the help of a managed IT service provider. KinTechnology has been helping businesses in Portland with improved cyber security and protection by implementing the latest and best malware detection software for every client. Our team of IT support experts suggest that the best way to eliminate the chances of cyber-attacks is through powerful anti-malware and anti-ransomware software suitable for any business’s technology.

“How can malware affect my business?” Although there are various types of malwares, including ransomware, the malicious virus can infiltrate a business’s data, expose privacy, and without backing up your business data, lose all information. The software is intended to disrupt major systems, hack into documents, scam users, and even hold businesses at ransom. The severity of these types of attacks can shut down a business for a minute or indefinitely. As your managed IT service provider, KinTechnology is here to keep your peace of mind and secure your digital data.

Protecting your business starts with finding IT solutions that work with you and for you. KinTechnology takes the time to better understand how your business works so we can implement the best services to strengthen the flow of your business. Our malware and ransomware protection services in Portland have two lines of defense: virus protection software and 24/7 monitoring. Having reliable security and increased efficiency involves using multi-vector protection software and network monitoring services to eliminate all threats to your security and to increase productivity. Take your security to the next level and get in touch with KinTechnology’s IT support services so we can keep your data safe, and your peace restored.

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