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In any professional settings, effective communication is essential for improving real-time cooperation across networks. When your Portland businesses employees are better connected, the ability to reach more clients with quick turnaround times, practice productive workflow, and team involvement in the workspace increases dramatically. At KinTechnology, we understand the need for flexible and reliable communication which is why our Voice over IP and unified communication solutions are built to be easily integrated into phone calls, messaging, and video conferencing. When you are ready to integrate an organized communication in place, our IT experts are ready to get started!

Considering many businesses in Portland are offering flexible work from home days, having a reliable connection to the internet, and knowing an important phone call wont drop is the type of peace we want to give our clients. Our team can synchronize your networks with VoIP so all your device’s ring simultaneously improving your workflow one ring at a time.

The benefit for unified communications goes on, especially with KinTechnology’s service. From video conferencing and instant messages across your network, we aim to give each business real-time communication channels that elevate your tasks. Our IT support team in Portland specializes in VoIP and other unified communications implementation and configuration. Contact us today for a free consultation if you’re interested in improving the way your company communicates.

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