Remote Support Portal

Our IT support utilizes the remote control software TeamViewer to gain access to your screen, so we can better resolve your IT problem.

Follow these easy steps to allow your IT technician remote access to your computer:

1. Click below to download the TeamViewer QuickSupport install file. A separate window will open on your browser and the file will begin downloading.

2. Once the download is complete, click the down arrow and select “Open” to begin installation.

3. Select “Run” to install TeamViewer QuickSupport. After it is finished installing it will launch the program automatically.

4. Now that you have TeamViewer QuickSupport installed and open, provide the ID and password to your KinTechnology IT technician and they can access your system remotely.

Need IT Support? Submit a ticket below and we can help.

To submit a ticket via phone, please call 503.773.2208