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Improving your company’s communication channels allows for effective real-time collaboration across your network. When your workforce is better connected, they are better equipped for handling team projects with rapid response time. Flexible and reliable communication is crucial for every business, and this is especially true for those who need a secure and reliable line of communication to their customers or clients. KinTechnology offers best-in-class Voice over IP (VOIP) and unified communications solutions to help keep your business connected by integrating phone, message, and video conferencing communications into one system.

VOIP connects your phone line to the Internet, which often creates a reliable phone network with a lower cost phone bill. By connecting your phone line to the Internet using VOIP technology, employees can respond to calls remotely whether they are at home or out in the field. Companies of any size can benefit from a VOIP phone system, as it is easy to install and operate. With VOIP, our IT support team can synchronize your phone network so all your devices ring simultaneously, improving both your company’s internal communications and your customer service.

Unified communications solutions allow your company to utilize video and chat messaging software to enhance your communication channels. In today’s world, video conferencing is becoming a common practice among all types of business. With unified communications, you can reduce the need to travel for in-person conferencing by hosting a virtual meeting for all participants. Video conferencing keeps your team active and engaged, and features like screen sharing allow for greater clarity and productivity in your meetings.

In addition to video conferencing, KinTech also provides unified communications solutions for instant messaging across your network. Having access to real-time communication channels such as instant messaging will improve your business’s collaboration and workflow. Your team can communicate across multiple devices such as a work system, a personal tablet, or even a smartphone, so remote work does not have to slow down communication.

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